The Girl in Jack's Portrait

by Sally Aviss

When struggling barrister Callie Martin encounters soldier Jamie Rutherford on ceremonial duty near Horse Guards Parade, her life is changed forever. When Edie Paignton’s ex-husband deprives her of alimony, she puts her lovingly restored Victorian house up for sale and finds her life transformed by a chance meeting with architect Ben Rutherford, Jamie’s father. When successful businessman Erik van der Waals discovers an unknown name and telephone number on a piece of paper, he determines to meet the owner. And when mental health nurse, Sarah Adhabi, embarks on a dangerous new relationship, she discovers she is more than a match for the new man in her life.

Six people seeking an escape from their pasts; six people seeking redemption in the present; six people who find their lives interwoven and their secrets revealed.

But just who is The Girl in Jack’s Portrait?

Jamie looked at his watch and checked his phone for messages. He could go on social media to pass the time, but he didn’t want to miss his girl when she came through the door. If she came through the door. The seconds ticked by… then the minutes… then an hour.

Sally Aviss comes from East Kent, but her love of sailing has taken her to many coastal areas of the British Isles. This is her fifth book following the highly acclaimed ‘Cairnmor’ trilogy and 'Message from Captivity', also published by Ozaru Books. In addition to her writing, she is a professional classical musician and instrumental teacher.

Format Royal Octavo paperback
Published 27 January 2018
ISBN 978-0-9931587-6-6
Length 270 pages
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Format Kindle eBook
Published 1 March 2018
Length 112,000 words
Available Amazon