Latest news

In 2021 we released an unusual guide to Russian imperial court cuisine, a beautifully illustrated historical tale of Margate, an annotated eBook of the classic 'Hoodening bible' by Percy Maylam, and two German translations of our East Prussian books (see press release in English / auf Deutsch). In 2022 we've published the first part of the epic story of the Curling family - from Thanet to Tasmania - as well as the definitive history of Margate Police.

We now also have an online bookstore optimized for readers in the US or Canada - it lists our books first, but you can also buy just about any other book that is in print, normally at a discount.

We have various other books in the pipeline - the easiest way to keep abreast of our latest publications is to bookmark this page with using VisualPing, which will then email you whenever it changes in the future. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook, as all new publications will be announced there too.

We are open to approaches regarding new books from authors based in Thanet or the rest of East Kent, or whose subject matter accords with our focus, including literary translators (especially to/from East Asian languages such as Japanese).