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Buying our books

In theory, any bookshop in the world (both online and 'bricks and mortar') should be able to order our books from their distributors, using the title and/or ISBN. If you have difficulty finding them, try the websites below, and if even that fails, do please contact us directly.

Some of our books are available electronically, on Amazon (as Kindle) or Google Books (Google Play). You may be able to get free previews via either Amazon or Google Books, or use an 'all-in' service such as Kindle Unlimited to read them for free. But if you find "free download" copies those are likely to be infected with malware, and/or illegal (pirate) versions, so please let us know.

Many libraries also hold copies of our books: find your nearest one via WorldCat.





Other enquiries

You can telephone us on +44 1843 847701 or email ozaru [at] ozaru [dot] net. You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Alternatively, you can write to:

Ozaru Books
Street Acre
St Nicholas-at-Wade