Message from Captivity

by Sally Aviss

From the beautiful Channel Islands to the very heart of Nazi-occupied Europe, the epic, meticulously researched tale "Message From Captivity" realistically captures the atmosphere of life under enemy control, together with the struggle of participants on all sides to ‘do the right thing’, even in the impossible circumstances of war.

It weaves factual authenticity into the fabric of a narrative where the twists and turns of captivity, freedom and dangerous pursuit have unforeseen consequences, where integrity is tested to the limit, and great inner strength is needed to cope with the decisions and challenges faced. Espionage, malice and romance combine in a story that will lift the spirits and wrench the heart.

When diplomat’s daughter Sophie Langley is sent on an errand of mercy to the Channel Island of St Nicolas in order to care for her two elderly aunts, she finds herself trapped in an unenviable position following the German invasion. In the Battle for France, linguist and poet Robert Anderson, a lieutenant in the Royal Welch Fusiliers, finds himself embroiled in an impossible military situation from which there seems to be no escape.

The story was published a few months before the hit film "Another Mother's Son", which covers some similar historical topics. If you enjoyed the film, you will certainly enjoy the book!

They headed for the right-hand side of a little cove, beaching their canvas boats and dragging them along the sand to a type of grotto created by an overhanging cliff. Without hesitating, they shrugged off their backpacks and stripped off their wet clothes, rubbing themselves dry before changing into uniforms and strapping on revolvers. For a moment, one of them allowed his mind to dwell on exactly where it was they had come to and his heart beat faster with something greater than fear and adrenalin. She might be here – his unknown girl from the past.

Sally Aviss comes from East Kent, but her love of sailing has taken her to many coastal areas of the British Isles. This is her fourth book following the highly acclaimed ‘Cairnmor’ trilogy, also published by Ozaru Books. In addition to her writing, she is a professional classical musician and instrumental teacher.

Format Royal Octavo paperback
Published 6 December 2016
ISBN 978-0-9931587-5-9
Length 398 pages
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Format Kindle eBook
Published 8 May 2018
Length 172,000 words
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