Where Gloom and Brightness Meet

by Sally Aviss

When Anna Stewart begins a relationship with journalist Marcus Kendrick, the ramifications are felt from New York all the way across the Atlantic to the remote and beautiful Scottish island of Cairnmor, where her family live. Yet even as she and Marcus draw closer, Anna cannot forget her estranged husband whom she has not seen for many years.

When tragedy strikes, for some, Cairnmor becomes a refuge, a place of solace to ease the troubled spirit and an escape from painful reality; for others, it becomes a place of enterprise and adventure –  a place in which to dream of an unfettered future.

This third book in the Cairnmor Trilogy (the sequel to Changing Tides, Changing Tides), takes the action forward into the late 1960s as well as recalling familiar characters’ lives from the intervening years. Where Gloom and Brightness Meet is a story of heartbreak and redemptive love; of long-dead passion remembered and retained in isolation; of unfaltering loyalty and steadfast devotion. It is a story that juxtaposes the old and the new; a story that reflects the conflicting attitudes, problems and joys of a liberating era.

Format Royal Octavo paperback
Published 20 November 2015
ISBN 978-0-9931587-1-1
Length 260 pages
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Format Kindle eBook
Published 8 October 2017
Length 112,000 words
Available Amazon