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Our repertoire covers over 300 individual pieces, including most common requests (e.g. Pachelbel's Canon, Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, Wagner's Bridal Chorus, Mendelssohn's Wedding March, etc.). We also specialize in making custom arrangements to suit your particular occasion: some are shown in the 6-minute home video below (apologies for the poor quality of the image & sound: it was taken on a cheap camera).

Some better quality (classical) recordings from a concert we gave can be found here, courtesy of SoundCloud:

A wider mix of other classical pieces (from baroque to very modern, with a few jazzy numbers thrown in) are shown in the videos below from one of our concerts at Broadstairs Music Recital Society. The cameraman was playing with a new toy, which might make you feel rather dizzy - probably best to close your eyes and just listen to the music! You can access the whole set (over 70 minutes, in concert order) via the BMRS 15/9/2012 YouTube playlist. In the Impromptu Ensemble's YouTube channel we have hundreds of videos of string quartet music at weddings, charity concerts and other events, together with other videos of local East Kent musical performances, so please take a look.

For those looking for published sheet music for string quartets or similar ensembles, we suggest the following sites as all having a good selection. If you spot something on one of these sites that you would like us to play for you, we will certainly consider it!

String quartet sheet music by dots 4 strings - string quartet sheet music for weddings and functions, including some free arrangements - most now sold via Score Exchange (see below)

Happy Sheet Music - also includes more unusual styles such as Balkan or Klezmer sheet music for quartets.

FC Music - Japanese site (if you don't read 日本語 try Google Translate to get the gist - or BJ Translations to get a professional translation). They offer a huge range of reasonably priced string quartet arrangements (and a few piano duets etc.) of pieces from baroque staples through to chanson and the like.

Franck Leprince, has created some wonderful string quartet arrangements, great fun to play, with rare gems including Hungarian 'Verbunkos' (often misleadingly called 'gypsy') music. They used to be at Dorset Strings (http://music4eventsdorset.com/) but now are only shown (as samples of the whole set) at the link above.

Classical Sheet Music Gratis (archive site) - as the name says, the music here is free, but still good - several trios, quintets etc. as well as quartets.

Marmpy - lots of pop songs (and some classics) as affordable duets, trios and quartets; much now on SMP - see below

MusOpen - a huge range of free sheet music (and royalty-free recordings etc.) for all sorts of combinations, including many string quartets

Mutopia - one of the first large 'free sheet music' sites, for various combinations, but much of it typeset in Lilypond with awkward page turns and typos

IMSLP Petrucci Music Library - the grand-daddy of all public domain sheet music: just about anything that's out of copyright (very roughly, over 70 years old) is likely to be here - over 300,000 scores.

Score Exchange - large site featuring music composed/arranged via Sibelius software

SMP (Sheet Music Plus) - huge commercial site