On this page you can watch and listen to a few sample media clips of the Impromptu Ensemble. These are not professional recordings — for the most part they are amateur videos taken on a camcorder or mobile phone (or audio taken a similar way). They also don't cover the full range of what we do: we have over a thousand clips on our our YouTube channel you can search through (although this includes other events we have organized, so not all feature ourselves in performance).


Our repertoire covers several hundred pieces, including most common requests for weddings or funerals, but we also specialize in making custom arrangements to suit your particular occasion, as in the first video below: a 6-minute overview dating back to 2009.

This 'mixtape' contains short snippets of some church music (violins with organ), then quartets ranging from popular classics (Handel, Mozart) through TV tunes, ragtime, jazz, musicals and the Beatles.

Next, some gentle classical recordings from a 2018 concert we gave in Ramsgate — Bach, Boccherini, Barber (there's more if you click through to SoundCloud, including some unusual 'quodlibet' organ mashup tributes to recently deceased popstars, and the like). You may notice how creaky chairs can be a distraction!

Finally, some excerpts from a 2012 concert at Broadstairs — you can sit back and enjoy watching the whole set (70+ minutes) via the BMRS 15/9/2012 YouTube playlist.

Two Romantic Russians

The 'Black Mahler', Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

Into the 20th century — the so-called Albinoni Adagio, and some Scott Joplin

More modern classical, from across the pond, and from just down the road in Ramsgate (a world première!)

Two light ones to end with George Formby and the Archers