The Impromptu Ensemble

We've been offering string quartets and other musical groups to enhance weddings, charity concerts and similar events throughout East Kent since around 1990. Have a look through our site, watch some of the video clips, and then let us know what you're after: you'll probably find it's surprisingly affordable, and we're flexible enough to work within most budgets.

Impromptu Ensemble at Turner Contemporary

Why choose Impromptu?

What's special about string quartets?

This is our most popular format, particularly for weddings. So why are string quartets so popular?



But note: we can switch to smaller or larger formats — anything from a solo performer up to a whole orchestra — depending on the event.

What kind of music does Impromptu play?

Being classically trained musicians, we're at home with anything from baroque through romantic to 20th century and beyond, but we also enjoy playing contemporary music, be it jazz, pop, rock, musical theatre, or other styles — even heavy metal, punk and rap occasionally make an appearance! You can look at more examples of our repertoire including some suggested music for traditional weddings. We can arrange or source anything we don't already have, although this may cost extra, depending on copyright etc. If you're unsure if we can do the specific pieces or styles you want, just ask us!

String quartet in country house