Bedřich Smetana's "Má vlast" is a wonderful work to listen to, and even better to play. However, most people don't often get a chance to play it in a full symphony orchestra. The solution is this fantastic arrangement for piano duet, made by the composer himself. It is out of print (checked with many music shops in Prague and elsewhere), out of copyright (checked with the Music Publishers Association), and not available in any library I've managed to find. As far as we know, ours is the only copy! So we spent long hours scanning this in, and finally have it ready to offer to the world again. One request: if you do use these PDFs in any way, please let us know - and let us have a copy of whatever you produce (e.g. an MP3 recording, a new printed version, a MIDI file, etc.).

  1. Cover (0.5MB)
  2. Vyšehrad (1.2MB)
  3. Vltava (also known as Die Moldau) (1.6MB)
  4. Šárka (1.1MB)
  5. Z českých luhů a hájů (1.5MB)
  6. Tábor (0.9MB)
  7. Blaník (1.0MB)


piano duet painting