Beware of polyglot dogs!

Many years ago, my father started collecting "Beware of the Dog" signs in various languages to stick on our gate. The collection went on growing even after his death, and has recently been helped by viewers of this page, as well as a discussion on the UniLang site (many of the alternatives given in [square brackets] came this way). Here is a list of the signs / versions we have amassed so far, arranged in approximate language / geographical groups. With some of them we've unfortunately forgotten what language they are in, so please let us know (see link at bottom) if you spot any mistakes, or if you can supply any other translations! (For languages which use non-English alphabets, a small GIF file accompanied by Unicode text if available would probably be best -- or even something by snail mail. A real "Beware of the Dog" sign -- or local equivalent -- would be best of all, of course.)

EnglishBeware of the Dog
WelshGwiliwch y ci
Irish Aire - Madra crosta, literally 'Beware cross dog': wording recommended by environmental health officers
Seachain an Madra: wording recommended by a solicitor
Seachain an Cú: wording recommended by Pascal Desmond, who also researched the others: thanks!
FrenchAttention, chien mechant [Attention au chien]
Spanish (Castilian)Cuidado con el perro [Peligro perro]
CatalanCompte amb el gos!
GalicianCoidado co can
PortugueseCuidado com o cão Sign from Sao Miguel in the Azores; thanks to Rick Silva!
ItalianAttenti al cane
Rumanian (communist era spelling)Atentie la cîine rau
Rumanian (modern)Atenţie la câine rău
Romansch (Sursilvan)Adatg dil tgaun, prighel da miersas
GermanVorsicht, bissiger hund
DutchGeen toegang loslopende honden [Kijk uit voor de hond]
LatinCave canem
Greek (modern)ΠΡΟΣΟΧΗ ΣΚΥΑΟΣ [Προσοχή, σκύλος (prosochí, skýlos)]
Danish[Pas på] Hund [Pas på hunden]
NorwegianHunden biter [Vokt Dem for hunden]
FaroeseAnsið eftir hundinum
IcelandicVarúð, hundur [Passið ykkur á hundinum]
SwedishVarning för hunden
FinnishVarokaa / Varo Koiraa [Varokaa vihaista koiraa]
BasqueKontuz txakurrarekin
HungarianVigyázz a kutya harap [Vigyázat, harapós kutya]
BulgarianВнимание, зло куче (Vnimanie, zlo kuche)
RussianОсторожне в собака [Осторожно, злая собака]
SlovakPozor [pes]
CzechPozor zlý pes
PolishUwaga pies [Uwaga, zły pies]
LithuanianPiktas šuo [Saugokis šuns]
LatvianNikns suns [there's a whole site about Latvian 'Nikn suns' signs!]
EstonianEttevaatust, kuri koer
SerbianЧувај се пса (Čuvaj se psa)
Turkish Dikkat! Köpek var
Arabic[Awaiting transcription]
Hebrew (modern)!זהירות כלב נושד [!זהירות, כלב (zeyrut kelev / zɛhi'ʁut, 'kɛlɛv)]
Israeli[Awaiting transcription]
SwahiliMbwa mrata
ChewaChenjelani ndi agalu
Chitumbuka?Chenjerani ndi nchewe
Twi?Hwe wo ho yiyo wo okraman no ho
ShonaChenjera imbwa
WasaFali uqayo
Zulu[Awaiting image]: qapela inja
SetswanaTsaba nche / Tsaba ntša
Afrikaans / SothoPas op / Bhasobha
Thaiระวังหมาดุ (ra/wang-maa~du\)
Tamil[Awaiting transcription]
Telugu[Awaiting transcription]
Malayalam[Awaiting transcription]
MalayAwas anjing garang
VietnameseCoi chừng chó dữ / Nhà có chó dữ
Laoລະວັງໝາຮ້າຍ (la-wang-maa~haai^)
Chinese (traditional: Taiwan etc.)堤防惡犬
Chinese (simplified: PRC etc.)内有恶犬 [小心犬只]
Japanese犬にご注意ねがいます (inu ni gochūi negaimasu) [猛犬注意 (mōken chūi)]
Lakota (Sioux)Šunka lekito
N'dee (Apache)Goshe daagonoldza
CreeAsweyim atim
Ojibwe?pah tuug - hu ni moosh
Reo MāoriKiwa rā o te kurī

The Gate c. 1990
The Gate c. 2000 (composite picture)


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