A pensioner who cut fences to break into a nuclear weapons base has said she would rather go to jail than pay compensation.

Veteran anti-nuclear campaigner Marlene Yeo told Loughborough Magistrates' Court yesterday she will never pay the 291 she was ordered to hand over to the Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment in Berkshire at an earlier hearing.

Magistrates issued a distress warrant for bailiffs to take property amounting to 291 from her home in Burton-on-the-Wolds, near Loughborough, but Mrs Yeo, 69, said they wouldn't be allowed in.

Mrs Yeo and three other activists from the Trident Ploughshares 2000 group were convicted of criminal damage following a trial.

They broke into the Aldermaston base - in which they claim nuclear warheads for British Trident submarines are made - at night in July last year after cutting through a fence.

Mrs Yeo said: "It is a matter of principle. I have good and convincing reasons for not paying."

Following the initial trial Mrs Yeo has paid 250 court costs, but none of the protesters were fined.