Books about East Kent, East Asia, East Prussia and more

Coming soon...

Our latest publications are Message from Captivity, a standalone novel by 'Cairnmor trilogy' author Sally Aviss, another translation from Japanese (this time non-fiction: an academic treatise on the modern dance form Butō), and Skating at the Edge of the Wood, a memoir covering the same East Prussian exodus as our first book, Reflections in an Oval Mirror, but from the perspective of a girl barely into her teens.


We have several other books in the pipeline, including our first e-books, and Carpe Diem (the long-awaited sequel to Reflections in an Oval Mirror).


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We are open to approaches regarding new books from authors based in Thanet or the rest of East Kent, authors writing about this area, or literary translators to/from Japanese, although many proposals turn out to be unrealistic.