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Why "Ōzaru" Books?

Ōzaru (sometimes written Ôzaru, Oozaru, Ouzaru, or simply Ozaru) is a Japanese word (大猿) meaning "Great Ape" - you'll also see these Japanese characters inside the gorilla on our logo.


This originates from when our founder, Ben Jones, was living in Japan in the late 1980s: he trained in the Bujinkan martial arts, and received this 'martial name' from the grandmaster, since when he has used it as his default moniker for numerous projects.


We support gorilla conservation via groups such as The Gorilla Organization. In particular, Ben has led numerous friends and colleagues to take part in several Great Gorilla Run events in London, raising over £8000 to date: see Team Ozaru's past record and 2018 sponsorship page (please do sponsor us!).


Ozaru Books directors in Great Gorilla Run