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Ongoing offer:

Free postage & packing
Until current stocks run out, we will offer free UK shipping on Reflections in an Oval Mirror, Ichigensan - The Newcomer, Changing Times, Changing Tides and Where Gloom and Brightness Meet if ordered directly from us (see Contact page). Direct orders for other books, and orders from outside the UK, may also qualify for reduced shipping charges, especially if more than one book is ordered at the same time.
Reduced price on Margate Tales first printing
The first printing of The Margate Tales was a little rushed (to ensure it was ready for the opening of Turner Contemporary) and consequently fell short of our normal quality standards. We quickly issued a second printing, but have a few copies of the first printing left which we are pleased to offer at 50% off, i.e. £10 each. (An errata slip will be enclosed.)